Why add the sale of your loved one's home to your list of responsibilities? We specialize in liquidating the real estate portion of the estate before assets are eaten up by the costs involved in maintaining it. The mission of FL Life Homes is to help you sell what is often considered the biggest asset in the estate - real estate - so that you and your family can resolve your obligations and move on.



There are few things as traumatic as dealing with the death of a parent, sibling, or spouse. It is a reality that we will all face at some point in our lives, and when we do, the pain experienced is often exacerbated by the legal issues death often brings.

Dealing with insurance companies, locating and reading the will, and coming up with a fair process are a few of the draining but necessary things to handle. Add in money, assets, investments, and contentious family members, and it is no wonder that many families are overwhelmed by this life event.

Many people find that inheriting real estate can be more stress than it’s worth and would rather just sell and get the cash, along with the emotional release of knowing they can move on. If we are able to work together, we can make an all-cash offer for your home in "AS IS" condition with no need for repairs.

When it comes to making the right choice for your family during this difficult period, knowledge is power. Our goal, above everything else, is to educate you and your family about your options so that you can make the best decision.


You may find that you:

 check52 Have estate taxes that need to be paid
check52 Have to pay thousands to repair the property
check52 Have continuous maintenance costs to keep the property in usable condition
check52 Have property taxes
check52 Have to be an “instant landlord”
check52 Have emotional connections to the property


How would you feel if you could:

check52 Sell the property directly to us for CASH
check52 Sell without paying any REALTOR® fees
check52 Close as soon as you want to – no long MLS listing
check52 Not have to make any repairs – sell it “As Is”
check52 Have cash to pay off the estate taxes
check52 Have the emotional release of knowing your family house is taken care of


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